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Easi Network's Policies

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Terms Of Service

The terms of service detailed within this document contain the conditions for services provided by Easi Networks. This document constitutes a binding agreement between Easi Networks and the user of the services provided. These terms must be accepted by the user prior to the provision of the services ordered through submission of the registration form. By ordering the services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated within without modification.

Privacy Policy

The creation of the Easi Networks privacy statement demonstrates our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of those with whom we interact. This statement sets forth our information gathering and dissemination practices for the Easi Networks website and newsletter. Easi Networks makes every effort to follow industry standard security measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All customer information is stored in our company databases and is accessible only to internal employees.

Dedicated Server Policy

This policy only pertains to you if you own a dedicated server. This policy is the Acceptable Use Policy that you agree to when purchasing a dedicated server. It contains all information regarding what content you can host, legal aspects, fees and so on. To ensure your server is not disconnected for violating one of the points in this policy we strongly suggest you become familiar with all aspects of this policy to have a full understanding and knowledge while running your server.

Refund Policy

At Easi Networks we will always go above and beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction which is why there is no surprise that we offer a 30 day money back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by Easi Networks you are more than welcome to submit a refund request using this form. Please submit a ticket before you do this as we always want to keep your business and will do whatever possible to ensure that. This policy covers everything we will refund you for and situations where we will not.

Acceptable Usage Policy

By signing up for any Easi Networks account you agree to this policy which states that you will not abuse resources or effect the performance to other customers on the server. It also regards to what you can and what you should not do on the network. It is required that you read this and all policies before you sign up or your account may be terminated or suspended if you do not follow our AUP.A copy of the Terms and Conditions may be accessed HERE

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