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cPanel & WHM Overview

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Introduction to Cpanel and Web Host Manager

Take your site to the next level with cPanel and WHM

The cPanel control panel, which is the most widely used control panel in the hosting industry, is available to the end customers. It enables them to manage their website configurations and email settings, examine various statistics, install ready-to-use scripts (Fantastico), set security rules and other protections.

WebHost Manager (WHM) is a web-based tool used by resellers to manage hosting accounts on a web server. It is used in conjunction with the cPanel control panel, where clients can manage their own account. The WebHost Manager includes a big variety of advanced tools and web applications, all arranged in packages. Using WHM you can build your own server configuration by selecting the different features and easily installing them.

WHM Demo

WHM Demo: http://whmdemo.easinetworks.co.za
Username : demo      Password : demo

cPanel Demo

cPanel Demo: http://cpaneldemo.easinetworks.co.za
Username : x3demob      Password : x3demob

cPanel & WHM Features
cPanel Features WHM Features
Hosted, Addon and Parked Domains Support
Apache Webserver on Stable Linux Servers
PHP 4.x, Perl/CGI-bin, Python Support
FrontPage Extensions
FTP Accounts
mySQL Databases, phpMyAdmin access
SSL Certificates
Virus protection by ClamAV
Spam Filtering by SpamAssassin
Email Forwarding
Mailing Lists Manger - MailMan
Webmail - Horde, SquirellMail
Default Domain Mailbox - CatchAll
Password Protected Directories
Custom Error Pages
Web Redirects
Custom MIME Types
Custom Apache Handlers
Disallow Hotlinks
IP Deny Protection
Search Engine Submit
Web File Manager
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Webalizer Stats & AWStats
Latest Visitors
Bandwidth Usage
Error Log
Download RAW Log File
Addon FREE Scripts
Fantastico De Luxe
Content Management
Help and Support Services Software
E-Commerce & Shopping Carts
Picture Galleries
Project Managent
Web Chats
Counter & Clock Generators
FormMail clone
Create Account and Packages
Ability to limit users disk space, bandwidth, POP accounts, FTP accounts, SQL databases, lists and subdomains
Account Upgrades/Downgrades
Ability to Copy Accounts from other servers
Suspension of Accounts
Custom Suspension Pages
Change users' passwords
Change a Database user's password
Domain Parking/Pointing
Add a DNS Zone
DNS Zone Editor with syntax checker
Ability to Host DNS on a remote machine
Domain Forwarding
Built in cPanel/WHM Theme Manager
Access to Addon cPanel Themes
Install FrontPage Extensions
Mail Troubleshooter
Generate a new SSL Certificate
Install an SSL Certificate
Change the SSL Certificate cPanel/WHM uses
Remote Access Keys
Interactive Knowledge Base
Service Status Page
Server Info Page














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